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New Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK AC Adapter Power Charger

New Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK AC Adapter Power Charger
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Retail Price: $79.27
Our Price: $48.99
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Model: Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK AC Adapter
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Brand New AC Adapter Charger 20V/5.2V 2A 40W, 20V 3.25A 65W/5V 2A For Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK Series Tablet PC


Products Feature:

AC input voltage : 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz

DC output : 20V/5.2V ~ 2A, 20V ~ 3.25A 65W/5V ~ 2A

Power: 40W/65W

Connecter size: Special interface

Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back !

Warranty: 12 months warranty

Condition: Brand New !

Note: Maybe the Compatible Number is not the same as the one on lable.Please be sure the output Voltage and connector of the item are the same as your original one.

Package Included :
1 X AC Adapter Charger
1 X Power Cord Cable (US/ UK/ EU/ AU)

Compatible with part number :

Lenovo: ADL40WDA, ADL40WDJ, ADL40WDB, ADL40WDD, ADL40WDG, ADL40WDE, ADL40WDC, ADL40WDH, ADL40WCA, ADL40WCB, ADL40WCC, ADL40WCD, ADL40WCE, ADL40WCF, ADL40WCG, ADL40WCH, ADL40WLA, ADL40WLB, ADL40WLC, ADL40WLD, ADL40WLE, ADL40WLF, ADL40WLG, ADL40WLH, ADL65WDA, ADL65WDJ, ADL65WDB, ADL65WDD, ADL65WDG, ADL65WDE, ADL65WDC, ADL65WDH, ADL65WLA, ADL65WLB, ADL65WLC, ADL65WLD, ADL65WLE, ADL65WLF, ADL65WLG, ADL65WLH, ADL65WCA, ADL65WCB, ADL65WCC, ADL65WCD, ADL65WCE, ADL65WCF, ADL65WCG, ADL65WCH, 36200561, 36200562, 36200563, 36200564, 36200565, 36200566, 36200567, 36200616, 36200579, 36200580, 36200581, 36200582, 36200583, 36200584, 36200585, 36200618, 36200572, 36200573, 36200574, 36200575, 36200576, 36200577, 36200578, 36200617, 5A10G68690, 5A10G68691, 5A10G68680, 5A10G68683, 5A10G68685, 5A10G68687, 5A10G68671, 5A10G68673, 5A10G68677, 5A10G68672, 5A10G68675, 5A10G68679, 5A10G68684, 5A10G68670, 5A10G68674, 5A10G68678, 5A10G68682, 5A10G68689, 5A10G68669, 5A10G68676, 5A10G68681, 5A10G68686, 5A10G68688, 5A10G68668, GX20H34904

Fits for laptop computer model:


Lenovo Yoga 900 Series Tablet PC

Lenovo Yoga 900 13” Series Tablet PC

Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK Series Tablet PC





1. Not all compatible model# is listed. So If you don't see your model on the list please contact us, we may be able to assist you in determining whether the Laptop AC Adapter will fit with your laptop or not.

2. ThinkPad T520 Quad Core models, ThinkPad W510: ThinkPad 90W AC Power Adapter is not compatible. Requires ThinkPad 135W AC Power Adapter

3. We will match the suitable plug for your country need,and power cable included for free.

4. Please make sure your original ac adapter 's output voltage, current and connector's size is accordant with this ac adapter before placing order.

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