HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC 45W AC Adapter Power Charger
HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC 65W AC Adapter Power Charger
HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC 90W AC Adapter Power Charger
New HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC 45W/65W AC Adapter Power Charger
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, New HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC 45W/65W AC Adapter Power Charger

New HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC 45W/65W AC Adapter Power Charger

USA Laptop Battery
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Brand New HP 45W/65W AC Adapter Charger For HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC


Products Feature:

AC input voltage : 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz 

DC output : 19.5V ~ 2.31A/3.33A/4.62A

Power: 45W / 65W / 90W

Connecter size: 4.5MM X 3.0MM

Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back !

Warranty: 12 months warranty

Condition: Brand New !

Package Included : 
1 X Brand New AC Adapter 
1 X Power Cord Cable (US/ UK/ EU/ AU)

Fits for laptop computer model:

HP EliteBook 745 G6 Notebook PC

1X8S3UW, 279U5UP, 8RB49US, 8RY73UP, 8UQ22UP, 1B0N0UW, 2F0U4US, 3N779UP, 9HP31US, 9HP43US, 9TC36EP, 9TH17EP, 1Q5U6ES, 9VZ61ES, 1Q6E0ES, 8VY94US, 8WD61UP, 8YK96US, 9JV11UC, 2Z811UC, 13R53US, 13R61US, 177F5EA, 1K4U8EC, 2X4S5U8, 383F9U8, 7NK25LT, 8DQ02UP, 8GE31UC, 8JF31EP, 8LX84EP, 8MM57PA, 8MP72PA, 8MV45UC, 8TE73EC, 8TH42US, 8TK87UC, 8TL19UC, 9AM49UC, 9AM59UC, 9AN36UC, 9AN39UC, 9ER91UC, 9HP30US, 9JC97EC, 9JC98EC, 9JC99EC, 9MX80UC, 9NK86PP, 9TC75EP, 9TK26EC, 9AN26UC, 9JW24UC, 380G0U8, 8TK62UC, 9JW23UC, 14R97US, 14T88US, 9GR29EC, 9MS81EP, 9PF65US, 231C2US, 195J5EC, 1P6D6US, 1V792US, 1V804US, 1W3R6LC, 1W4G9LC, 20H88US, 20H93US, 2P4P6US, 2X2X0US, 8TJ83UC, 8TK79UC, 8WA43US, 8XS35US, 9FU32EA, 9VU29US, 9VX91EA, 13M59US, 13Q66US, 13Q87US, 14T61UC, 151K8UP, 159N2EC, 15F66US, 167K0PP, 16S85US, 17H87US, 181M6EC, 181N1EC, 181Q6EC, 182A0EC, 182D4EP, 183Q2EC, 18H86US, 18X66EC, 192H6EC, 194Y1US, 1A2Q5UC, 1A6Q4US, 1A755US, 1A9K2US, 1B230US, 1D781US, 1D797UP, 1D979UP, 1D982UP, 1E7S3EC, 1G2X0UC, 1G6A9PA, 1M1K1UC, 1N938US, 1P1F3US, 1P5X2UC, 1S0N5EC, 1V793US, 1V822US, 1V932UC, 1V968UC, 1V970UC, 1V998UC, 1W3N2LC, 1W4M6LC, 1X540US, 1X559UP, 1X8Z7PC, 20H70UC, 20R62EP, 20S51EP, 20S92EP, 215N5UC, 230X4UW, 26M39US, 284Z8UW, 29D53UC, 2C469US, 2D641US, 2D748UP, 2D749UP, 2D753US, 2D754US, 2E7D3UC, 2J061UP, 2J069US, 2J071US, 2K2N4US, 2T1Q9EC, 2W2N3UC, 2W9P3UC, 2Z841EC, 2Z842EC, 30C71U8, 30C76U8, 340Y3U8, 3C491US, 3C614UC, 3F021US, 3G676US, 3M168UC, 3N239US, 3P198US, 3S060UP, 7XB53UP, 7YE70UC, 7ZV50US, 8AH57US, 8DW45US, 8EA44LA, 8EA61LA, 8EQ05LS, 8EQ20LS, 8GG71UC, 8GH87US, 8HS81UC, 8MB23EC, 8MU01UP, 8NT62UC, 8NT75UC, 8NT94UC, 8QY18US, 8TD43EC, 8TJ74UC, 8TK82UC, 8TS14US, 8WA24US, 8YH22EC, 8ZP02US, 9AN68UC, 9AP88UC, 9AP89UC, 9DK66UC, 9DK67UC, 9DS88UC, 9EN21UP, 9GB25EC, 9GR28EC, 9GR47LS, 9HP28US, 9JH00LS, 9JU09UP, 9JV71UC, 9KW74US, 9KX22EP, 9LE40EP, 9LK37US, 9LK38US, 9LK41US, 9MT66EP, 9MU06LP, 9MW39EP, 9SV81UC, 9TC01EP, 9TK84UC, 9TL79LT, 9TY32US, 9UA36US, 9UA38US, 9UA48US, 9UC87US, 9UL03EP, 9UX04EC, 9VD30EC, 9VL19US, 9VR47UC, 9VU44US, 9VW51US, 9WD73UC, 9WL02US, 9WP73US, 9WT38UC, 9WT55UC, 9WT58UC, 9WY48UP, 9WZ04EP, 9WZ81UC, 9XB25US, 9XL27UP, 9XN54US, 9ZE90UP, 9ZF33US, 9ZH46US, 9ZH64US, 9ZZ60UP, 152X6UW, 9FJ98LS, 18J34UW, 2P4M7US, 2N0N3UC, 8TJ73UC, 8TK83UC, 9NF74EC, 9RU24EC, 9SV91EC, 9VZ56EA, 9XE56UP, 12C77US, 12C97UC, 151J3UC, 156K2UC, 156K7UC, 159N4EC, 171G3EC, 171U5UC, 171Z8UC, 181P5EC, 182D8PP, 183Q5UP, 1A8M1US, 1B142US, 1C0H0PA, 1D795US, 1D842UP, 1G4U5EC, 1H7U0PC, 1H7Y0UC, 1H9T5UC, 1J2M8US, 1P5G7UC, 1Q7T7EC, 1V944UC, 1V961UC, 1W002UC, 1W004UC, 1W055UC, 1W078UC, 1W4P4PC, 1X6Y1LS, 1X8N1UW, 20T85US, 20T89US, 244D5PC, 258N9UW, 28P72UC, 2C8N8PC, 2G2B6EC, 2G9F3US, 2H0J2US, 2Q496US, 2Y512US, 2Y558EP, 2Z020EP, 2Z327EP, 348H1U8, 3C553US, 3S869US, 3S928UP, 7NK41LA, 7NK41LA, 7YA87EC, 7YA87EC, 8LB18US, 8MV05US, 8MV66US, 8QZ66EC, 8RK06UP, 8UQ99EC, 8UU04US, 9AL45EC, 9AP94PC, 9FT57EA, 9JF93EP, 9LY16US, 9RU27EC, 9RU49EC, 9TK45EC, 9VA06US, 9VK82US, 9VK85US, 9YG39EP, 12D38LS, 173S1LS, 3G768LS, 231C7US, 1A7E9US, 1W2H2UP, 8DW79US, 8JK32UP, 9YF78LP, 193C9US, 1A8M2US, 1B8V6UC, 1Y718US, 8ZF20UP, 1W3M3UW, 8VZ42PA, 9VF47US, 151K7EP, 19G76UP, 1D3D2UC, 1Y0B1US, 1Y0X2US, 1Y7W5UW, 2V833US, 3G448US, 3G458US, 8DW47US, 8DW88US, 8FP89US, 9FP65US, 9GR27EC, 9RP23LS, 9YH09US, 9TJ35EC, 15U54ES, 15U55ES, 16T46US, 3C434US, 3F626UP, 3S907US, 8PX64US, 8SR33EC, 8TD80EC, 9FT51ES, 9VZ53EA, 13M25US, 13Q60US, 148C2US, 150M2US, 150W6US, 151J4PC, 151K0EC, 151R0EP, 156U8EC, 159K3EC, 15F47UP, 15V07ES, 161N2US, 163J3US, 16G76PC, 177F6EA, 17C61EC, 17F54EC, 17J83PA, 183L0UC, 192H3EC, 1A794US, 1B0N3UW, 1B167US, 1B206UP, 1B5K3EP, 1D3D5UC, 1D3F7EC, 1D796US, 1D846UP, 1G117US, 1G163PC, 1G212US, 1G4Z8UC, 1G5T0EC, 1G5Y6EC, 1J5Z9EA, 1K0M5US, 1L9P4EC, 1M6S3US, 1Q7V7US, 1V791US, 1W001UC, 1W062UC, 1X6Z5LS, 1Z956UC, 20T60US, 20T90US, 20V06US, 21A71US, 223T6UP, 240F5US, 263D6EC, 26R46US, 285X7US, 287K4EC, 287M8EC, 28Y96EC, 2A059US, 2B230US, 2C500EC, 2C9Y5US, 2G2B7EC, 2G4J0PA, 2J044US, 2Q0B3PC, 2Q254US, 2S8E3UC, 2S9Z4U8, 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We also have other types of 45W / 65W / 90W chargers. If you like, you can buy them through the links below. 









45W/65W/90W USB Type-C